Web Games Information

Can I place these web games in my own site?
Sure you can! Just don't charge for them, please (ads are okay).

Can I have the source code?
Sure you can! Download them below. Please make sure to read the license and disclaimer included in the zips (short version: just don't charge for their redistribution, though ads are okay):

Icy Matchy (873KB)
Rage Game (361KB)
Chilly Zombies (1.17MB)

Can I use these games to create my own ones?
Sure you can! Free derivatives are okay. Or if you're going to charge for them, use your own art (graphics/sound). Crediting me would be nice, but not necessary.
Using portions of the code in your own games (commercial or non-commercial) is fine too. For example, did you know there's a labyrinth solver in Chilly Zombies? Great for enemies chasing after the player ;-) .